Guided Tours in India (Vrindavan, Rishikesh, Jaipur, Taj-Mahal, S-India, Navadvip, etc.)

For over a dozen years, Madhav has been guiding tours to various beautiful places of India.

Feel free to contact Madhav to tailor the best tour according to your requirements and specific budget. Madhav speaks English, German, French, Hindi and Bengali, handles the coordination with reliable taxi drivers and manages suitable accommodation. Different prices apply to different conditions and are less for large groups. Here are some services that Madhav can provide:

  • Coordination of entire tour with local service providers.
  • Simultaneous translation of local languages during conversations with locals or classes.
  • Elaborate explanation of the significance of the various visited places such as temples, nature spots and historic sites.
  • Arrangement of meetings and darshans with special teachers, artists and sadhus.
  • Making sure that drivers are punctual, don’t speed and don’t play undesired music. Madhav has a good playlist of songs and kirtans and also performs kirtans himself, whenever the chance arises.
  • Serving guests with prasadam/healthy vegetarian meals.
  • Providing best services for money exchange and handling local and international transfers.
  • VIP direct entry for Taj Mahal (no need to queue for one or more hour) with English speaking tourguide.