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Heart of Vrindavan Darshans

Guided Darshans in Sevakunja

Sevakunja. PC: Radhamadhav Das

Radha-Kunjavihari. A replica of the original painting in Sevakunja.

Sevakunja extends all the way to the Yamuna and to Nidhivan and includes Imlitala that holds the gem of the core Gaudiya-darshan. Why is Sevakunja considered the heart of Vrindavan?

Because Sevakunja is where Sri Krishna attained the seva of His most cherished object of worship – the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani. Krishna becomes the servant of Radharani and teaches us Radha-dasyam – servitude to Radha. But before He can serve Her He needs to attain the mood of service in Imlitala by chanting Her name. As He chants Her name in Imlitala, He enters into Her mood and also assumes Her golden complexion, thus assuming the form of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu! This is why Mahaprabhu spent most of His time in Vrindavan in Imlitala.

To assure its sanctity, Srila Jiva Goswami purchased the entire Sevakunja and performed his bhajan there along with Srila Rupa Goswami and other saints. Today, many devotees are yet to discover the real treasures of Sevakunja. Whenever Krishna is glorified as “Kunja-vihari” in kirtans like “Jaya Radha-Madhava”, this actually refers to Sevakunja-vihari – Krishna delighting in seva in Sevakunja.

We take darshan of five vital holy places in Sevakunja and cherish the associated pastimes together:

  1. Radha-Damodara temple: Where Srila Jiva Goswami worshiped his Radha-Damodara Deities and performed his bhajan together with Srila Rupa Goswami and other sadhus.
  2. Banks of the Yamuna: Where Krishna performed many pastimes with his sakhas and sakhis.
  3. Imlitala Siddhapith: The entry to Sevakunja. Under this holy tamarind tree, Radharani was crowned the Queen of Vrindavan; Krishna first became Gaurasundara here, thus fulfilling His three internal desires by meditating on Radharani and assuming Her mood of seva and golden complexion and Mahaprabhu spent most of His time in Vraja chanting in solitude here.
  4. Yoga Maya Paurnamasi Devi: She guards Sevakunja and arranges all lilas of Radha-Krishna. We pray for her blessings to be granted entry into Sevakunja in the proper mood of seva.
  5. Sevakunja main temple: Where “Gaura-Krishna” – Krishna in the mood of seva – attained the greatest treasure: seva to the lotus feet of Radharani. The epicenter of Radha-dasyam and the heart of Vraja.

Darshans are open every morning and evening. Duration: 1-2 hours. The best time are the pristine morning hours from 5-6 AM. Darshans close at 12 and open again at 5 PM.

Radhamadhav Das has been living in Vrindavan for many years since 2005. He is serving as a researcher and author on Gaudiya-Vaisnava topics, as a pujari, as a guide for darshans and as a yoga & health teacher. He speaks English, German, Hindi and Bengali. Russian translation is available on request.

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