Radhamadhav Das (or simply “Madhav”, as yogis usually call him) is teaching yoga & fitness since 18 years and loves sharing the art. He guides yoga tours in Rishikesh and Vrindavan that combine Hatha-yoga with Bhakti-yoga and shares his yoga research as a columnist for the Yoga Life Magazine.

Daily Classes

Yoga & Fitness

Daily 6:15-6:45 (extendable) in the healing rising sun in the heart of Vrindavan. Tailored for bhakti-yoga for gents of all ages & levels. Private lessons on request.

Our body belongs to Guru & Gauranga. Keeping fit is not just a duty – it’s seva.


– Maximum result in minimum time

– Short exercises to strengthen & warm up

– Genuine surya-namaskara with direct exposure, pranama-mantra and breathing

– 12 root asanas with re-earthing, breathing & chanting

– Pranayama (breath healing): kapala-bhati, nadhi-shodhana & ujjayi

– Boost your focus for any seva like chanting & remembering

– Mastery of padmasana for life

– Strengthen back & immune system to prevent or heal issues

– Spiritual value of reconnecting with Father Sun & Mother Earth

– Inner harmony of male & female energies

– Tricks for brahmacarya and subjugation of rajas & tamas

– Lose/gain weight & learn radical acceptance

  • Optional: singing, dance, martial art, wrestling, self-defense.
  • Vedic education system – give something in return if you have benefitted.

Contact: Phone/WhatsApp: +91 8979 85 4479

“To render very good sound service to Krsna we should not neglect the upkeep of the body. …This is the lesson we get from Lord Caitanya and Sanatana Goswami. Try to take care of your health in the best possible way.” – Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Yoga Yatras

February 2019 With the Love Keys

More info on the Love Keys website.

Extendable yatra to Vrindavan at request.