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About the Author

Radhamadhav Das is a monk, author and teacher living in Vrindavan, India. He is a disciple of the great bhakti-yoga master Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj, whom he assisted and accompanied across India for five years.

Besides his monastic engagements and writing, he is serving as the Founder of the Sublime Union, as the Secretary of the Dharma & Science Committee of the World Vaishnava Association, as a member of the Sustainable Vaishnava Committee, as a researcher for  the Bhaktivedanta Learning Institute for Self-sufficiency and as a visiting scholar in different universities.

Radhamadhav Das was born in rural Switzerland in 1980 into a multi-cultural family. His Swiss mother is a doctor who has served the government of Zurich as a state council and his Malaysian father is the retired Co-founder of Interwind, the company to set up the first large wind turbines in Switzerland. After studying environmental science at the ETH Zurich (Federal IT), Radhamadhav Das taught at colleges in Zurich and Bern. In the holistic school Ecole d’Humanite, he taught networked science, Swiss geography, biology, mathematics, sound engineering, Batik painting, martial art and self-defense. He obtained PhD in philosophy from Florida Vedic College and started lecturing as a visiting scholar in various universities.

He has been living in and travelling across India for fifteen years, practicing and teaching bhakti-yoga and ashtanga-yoga. In 2014, he won the Audarya Award of Benevolence for his book Unity in Diversity. He started to compile this book at the request of the Director of the Bhaktivedanta Instititute, H. H. Bhaktisvarup Damodar Maharaj (Dr. T. D. Singh), to present the school of thought of Sri Caitanya in a scientific way.

Radhamadhav Das was given the 2016 Munger Raj Award for sustainable development in Vrindavan.

At present, Radhamadhav Das is focusing on making a green transition to a sustainable life in order to prevent the impeding ecocide and infrastructure collapses. This is lined out in Need of the Hour, his latest publication.