At the moment I am in Vrindavan, working on the following projects:

  • Finding suitable land in Braja-mandala and developing a small eco-friendly spiritual community.
  • Translating and publishing “Mahabhava Prakasa” by Kanai Kunthia, written in Odiya.
  • Translating and publishing “The Origin & Development of Gaudiya Vaishnavism in Odisha”, the D. Lit. Thesis of Dr. Fakir Mohan Das.
  • Doing research and writing a book about Krishna’s mahabhava-prakasa, empathic manifestation of Jagannath & Mahaprabhu, focusing on their inner relishment of empathic union in separation.
  • Writing a book on Guru & Infallibility
  • Compiling the second edition of “Unity in Diversity” (see
  • Recording a song and video clip in which Mother Earth herself sings to her children to promote a personal relationship with her, which includes love and compassion for her.
  • Creating a Yoga Alliance for Yoga teachers and students who are aligned with the Bhakti tradition.

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You can reach me via phone and WhatsApp on +91 8979854479